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Second Quarter 2020 Edition:

Local Pulmonary Practice Joins NOMS Healthcare Family

We're glad to welcome another local practice, NOMS Eastern Ohio Pulmonary Consultants, to the NOMS Healthcare family! The group has five doctors who specialize in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine, as well as two nurse practitioners, a nurse clinical specialist and staff of 12. It has two offices in Boardman and Warren.

The partnership became effective July 1.

"We're looking forward to being associated with a bigger family that has more resources," says Joni Smith, NOMS Eastern Ohio Pulmonary practice manager. "We can't thank everyone enough for making this process so smooth and positive - everyone at NOMS corporate and the staff at NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers have been so great."

NOMS Healthcare is based in Sandusky and has locations across Ohio and western Pennsylvania. NOMS first established a presence in the Mahoning Valley when Ankle & Foot Care Centers joined the group in early 2019. With its recent partnership with Eastern Ohio Pulmonary Consultants, the multi-specialty group hopes to continue to expand throughout the Valley.

"We see the Mahoning Valley as a great area of opportunity," said Rick Schneider, NOMS chief strategic officer. "As an independent organization, we look to partner with hospital systems and local physicians to create mutually beneficial relationships and there are some fantastic physicians in this area and we'd love to collaborate with them."

"It's great to see another local practice join the NOMS family," said Michael Vallas, practice administrator at NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers. "It's been a very positive partnership for us and we're glad to see another group will benefit from the strong support they provide."

To learn more about NOMS Healthcare click here.

NOMS Eastern Ohio Pulmonary Consultants recently joined NOMS Healthcare. From left are Mary Liakaris, NPC; Jennifer Cicchillo, NPC; Rebecca Bailey, MD; Ritha Kartan, MD; Anthony Boulos, MD; Lawrence Goldstein, MD; Jamie Teal, CNS and Manuel Bautista, MD.

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3 Things to Do at Home for Diabetic Feet

By: Dr. Jennifer Flo of NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers

If you are diabetic and haven't had a foot exam for a while due to stay-at-home orders or other concerns related to COVID-19, you may be worried about increased risk of infections or amputations. Here are a few things you can do to keep your feet healthy.

Read Dr. Flo's blog article here (includes a downloadable infographic).

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Dr. DiDomenico Keeps Busy Teaching, Researching, Publishing, Presenting, Advancing Patient Care

When he's not with his family or treating patients, Dr. Lawrence DiDomenico keeps a busy schedule by researching, teaching, lecturing and publishing research on a local, regional, national and global level.

Dr. DiDomenico was among the founders of Ankle & Foot Care Centers in 1994. He started the group the same year with his colleagues, Dr. Robert Debiec and Dr. Ken Emch. At the same time, Dr. DiDomenico was asked to take over and teach the residents at the local hospital and he's been teaching and directing residents and fellows ever since.

"I'm very committed to continued education," he said. "Through my teaching and active involvement in several medical societies, I've developed a strong grasp of current trends and treatments of the foot, ankle and lower extremity across the globe."

Since the late 1990's, Dr. DiDomenico has published nearly 100 articles, chapters in medical journals and text books. He has delivered more than several hundred presentations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Most recently, he presented at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons meeting earlier this year in San Antonio, Texas.

He also recently completed a textbook chapter on diabetic foot infections and is working on another textbook chapter that focuses on total ankle replacements.

"I've been able to collaborate with many thought leaders throughout the world who specialize in foot and ankle surgery to understand different philosophies and techniques used," he said.

Dr. DiDomenico performs research in cadaver labs and applies FDA approved treatment methods available for the lower extremities by applying them to the group of patients who qualify for the studies. Currently, he's working on a study with a Japanese pharmaceutical company and collaborating with vascular surgeons to provide treatment for patients who have non-healing wounds, suffer from peripheral vascular disease and are not candidates for vascular reconstruction surgery.

"Patients in this position really have limited options for care," said Dr. DiDomenico. "This is an ideal opportunity for these patients to be provided with a possible solution to respond to their unfortunate condition."

Through his experience working with lower-extremity experts from all over the world and his ability to apply a hands-on approach to provide the best possible treatment for his patients, Dr. DiDomenico enjoys working in the Youngstown area because he's confident his patients have access to a high level of care and the latest techniques without having to travel elsewhere.

He also appreciates the group's local, patient-focused approach.

"We are not a corporate type of facility," he said. "The people in our organization will give the extra effort to assist patients however they can. As a patient myself, I understand how frustrating it can be to obtain medical care. We're at the local level and we try very hard to do everything we can for our patients."

When he's not working, Dr. DiDomenico enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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Medical Assistant Enjoys Using Her Gift of Compassion to Help Others

When Jennifer isn't at work, she can be found spending time with her three children.

Jennifer Barr has always felt called to work in the medical field and credits her faith for her motivation to follow her passion. She says she was given the gifts of compassion and care and she's able to use those on a daily basis as a medical assistant.

The NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers employee of 13 years also works as the head technician at the group's Salem office and has held that role for nearly a decade. She oversees the clinical workflow, ensuring everything is taken care of - from patient care to ordering supplies.

"We are all one team and we work together," said Jennifer. "So, I don't even like to use my title of head technician, but I do take responsibility if there's ever an issue and I make sure everything is taken care of properly."

Jennifer is also responsible for patient care and works with the doctors to deliver the proper treatment, including X-rays, wound care and bloodwork. She also fits patients for durable medical equipment when needed, such as air heels or walkers. She oversees patient intake, medical history, medications and more.

"I really enjoy working with people one on one and I've always wanted to help them get better," she said. "My patients have become like family. It's such a great feeling knowing that they look forward to seeing me as well.

"People laugh because I say that work is my safe place," she added. "It's my getaway - my escape. I don't have anyone pulling on me saying, 'Mommy, Mommy.' I truly enjoy going to work each day."

She also enjoys working with the doctors, who have also grown to be like family after 13 years of working side by side.

"I feel the doctors and I have great communication and we work very well together," she said. "They're always appreciative of my work and dedication to being proactive."

When she's not working, Jennifer is spending time with her three children, Alliena (13), Sophia (11) and Landon (10). They enjoy shopping and their trips to Walmart or the mall. But her favorite part of the day is movie time with her kids.

"After the house work and laundry are done and the kids have all had their baths, we watch a movie or ghost adventures," she explained. "We love this time together."

In addition to spending time with her children and shopping, Jennifer enjoys running her vacuum cleaner, which she finds very relaxing.

She lives in Salem with her three children.

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Thanks to City of Struthers, Local Business for Mask Donations

NOMS Ankle & Foot Care Centers would like to extend thanks to the City of Struthers and TTM Technologies, a manufacturer in North Jackson, for the donation of face masks to our physicians and staff. We greatly appreciate the support of our community during these challenging times.

Pictured are Boardman staff members Brittany King, Barb Hubert and Kelly Merrell.

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From the Kitchen: Diabetic Friendly Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake

From The Kitchen

(From the Kitchen recipes are provided by the Diabetes Partnership of the Mahoning Valley.)

Serve up the perfect treat for the whole family on a hot summer day with this easy and quick recipe. Enjoy this delicious and diabetic-friendly dessert guilt-free!

Serving size: 4
Diabetic friendly: Yes

3/4 tsp honey
1 lemon
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 cups of strawberries (sliced)
1 graham cracker (crumbled)
1 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese (nonfat)

In a small bowl, mix together the ricotta cheese, honey, lemon zest and cinnamon. Divide the mixture among four individual dessert dishes. Top each dish with a portion of strawberries and sprinkle some of the graham cracker crumbs on top. Enjoy!
For more information, including nutritional information, see this link.

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