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December 2010 Edition:

Ankle & Foot Care Centers Launch 2010 Shoe Drive

Ankle & Foot Care Centers Launch 2010 Shoe DriveThe doctors and staff at Ankle & Foot Care Centers are urging holiday shoppers to help the community’s less fortunate by buying and donating new pairs of shoes.

Shoe collection stations are now in place at each of the group’s 20 locations, all of which are accepting new or nearly new shoes. The podiatrists hope to collect more than 800 pairs of shoes by January 7.

“New shoes improve foot health and provide an emotional lift,” said Michael Vallas, practice administrator at Ankle & Foot Care Centers. “With so many people laid off or struggling financially, some will be forced to compromise on the proper care of their feet – which often leads to numerous other health problems. We’re confident that the generosity of our customers, doctors and staff will help us collect over 800 pairs of shoes.”

Since 1998, Ankle & Foot Care Centers have helped local shoppers donate thousands of pairs of shoes to local needy families. In February, the practice and local agencies will distribute the shoes collected this year to individuals throughout Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

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Diabetics Shoes Can Ward Off Injuries, Amputations

Properly fitted diabetic shoes and inserts can discourage ulcers and injuries that are commonplace among diabetic patients who lose feeling in their feet.

They can also reduce the likelihood of amputations.

Diabetic shoes are designed for patients who may be losing sensitivity in their feet. Without them, ulcers and other wounds can often take shape and grow without being felt or noticed.

Patients covered by Medicare can generally have the cost of diabetic shoes and inserts covered under Medicare's therapeutic shoes program, if a medical need exists for them.

Ankle & Foot Care Centers is a Medicare-approved provider and offers a wide range of diabetic shoes for patients who need them. We can also assist with the Medical paperwork.

If you have any questions about diabetic shoes, please contact any of our local offices or email us here.

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Bunion Surgery Gets East Liverpool Man Back on Course

The pain of a bunion was so bad for Ron Chevront of East Liverpool that it felt like every step landed him on a sharp object.

“It was like I was stepping on a nail, with every step,” he recalled. “It was real bad pain.”

But a bunion surgery with Dr. Lawrence DiDomenico of Ankle & Foot Care Centers and some follow-up therapy got Ron back on his feet – and back on the golf course.

His pain started in early 2005, and he had no idea what caused it. It was a sharp pain around the joint of the big toe on his left foot. That is the exact spot where a misalignment of tissue and bone can cause severe pain.

“It came on for months, and kept getting worse and worse,” said Ron, who at the time was working on a concrete floor in a factory. “I favored the left foot so badly I practically dragged it.”

In August of that year, he had the bunion surgery. Dr. DiDomenico removed some soft tissue and bone in that area and used three small screws to stabilize the remaining bone.

His therapy included using his foot to rotate a disk and using toes to lift and move marbles. He also wore an air-cast to relieve pressure on the big toe. Within a few weeks, he was back on the golf course.

“Dr. Larry is absolutely the best,” Ron said. “He’s good with patients and he knows what he’s doing.

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Meet the Doc: Dr. David Podolsky

Dr. David PodolskyDr. David Podolsky has been with Ankle & Foot Care Centers since July 2002.

He earned a doctor of podiatric medicine degree from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland and completed residency training at Harrison Community Hospital in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

He sees patients in our Austintown, Champion and Niles offices.

When he’s away from the office and hospital, Dr. Podolsky enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and bowling.

He lives in Canfield with his wife, Denise, and their three children.

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Foot Injury? Your Podiatrist Can Respond Quickly

Foot and ankle trauma is common in the winter when snow and ice can lead to slips and falls. In addition, many of us ramp up our exercise activities as a new year begins.

When faced with what to do and where to go for foot and ankle injuries such as twisted ankles, broken toes or open lacerations, here are some tips:

  • Today’s podiatrists have been educated and trained to diagnose and treat injuries of the foot and ankle.
  • Most foot and ankle injuries can be evaluated and treated by the podiatrist in his or her office, saving a trip to the emergency room.
  • Most podiatrists have X-ray equipment in their offices, so they can determine if your foot or ankle is fractured or just sprained.
  • If you decide to go to an emergency room, ask to see a podiatrist.

Wait times and insurance co-payments are often less in your podiatrist’s office than in an emergency room. If in doubt, call your podiatrist to determine where you should go if you injure your foot or ankle.

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